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Dr. Gwen Hood

Dr. Hood has been working in our hospital since 2013. After getting her degree from Ross University in 2011, she worked in Chicago as an intern before moving back to New York. Dr. Hood particularly loves meeting our elderly patients and explaining how important wellness visits are! At home, she is enjoying spending time with her newborn daughter as well as her other furry children. She also enjoys reading and painting to wind down after work. 


State University of New York at Albany - 2006 

Ross University - 2011             Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Peter Oliver

Dr Oliver is originally from our area and works at both Drumm and Catskill loactions. He attended Ross University and graduated in 2006. He enjoys dentistry and the surgical aspects of being a veterinarian most, however, general practice interests him as well. While Dr. Oliver isn't working or in the midst of surgery, he enjoys leisure time with friends and family as well as catching a new movie. He also has two adorable cats named Marshall and Ninja.


Cornell University - 2002      Major in Animal Science

Ross University - 2006          Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Richard Drumm

Dr. Drumm graduated from Cornell University in 1951. He opened his first practice in 1956 in East Greenbush. He is now the owner of four veterinary hospitals; Drumm Veterinary, Latham Animal, Troy Veterinary, and Catskill Animal Hospital. He is extremely hard working and still very active in the well-being of his clinics. Although Dr. Drumm does not see appointments daily, he still visits most of the hospitals everyday! All of the doctors that work at our clinics respect and admire his talent and incredible work ethic. 


Cornell University - 1951      Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Mary Ann Cummings, LVT

Mary Ann has been with this practice for 37 years! She is not only our head technician but also our practice manager. She attended SUNY Cobelskill before working for Dr. Drumm at his first practice. She has two German Pointers and enjoys the outdoors! 

Licensed Veterinary Technician

State University of New York at Cobelskill                            Major in Animal Science 

Aaron Bucciantini, LVT

Aaron has been working here since February of 2008. He started working in our kennel and became an amazing assistant to our doctors. He decided to go to school to become a technician and graduated from Cedar Valley in 2013. In 2014, Aaron accepted an incredible internship at Palm Beach Zoo in Florida where he worked with primates, mammals, reptiles and birds. After his internship, he  began working at our hospital as a full time technician. Aaron has quite a few animals at home that he takes care of as well. He has three cats, one of which has 3 legs, and he has two Miniature Schnauzers! When he's not working or traveling, Aaron loves to work out and is very involved in Crossfit. 

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Cedar Valley College - 2013         Veterinary Technology

Amanda Clark, LVT

Amanda is one of our LVT's. She has worked with us since 2009. Before she came back to her home state of New York, Amanda traveled the country. She lived in Alaska, California, and Hawaii! She says that working in a small animal practice provides a wide variety of interesting cases that keeps her learning. Amanda now loves to stay close to family and friends and spend lots of time with her two mutts Merlin and Millie, and their two feline friends Feldman and Santiago. 

Licensed Veterinary Techincian

Northwestern Connecticut Community College 2007

Associates Degree in Science and Veterinary Technology